40+ Free & Premium Lightroom Presets You Shouldn’t Miss

Presets can be a Lightroom user’s best friend. When you are editing hundreds or thousands of photos any time you can save in post processing is extremely valuable. Making use of presets is one of the best ways to streamline your workflow and save time in the editing process.

40+ Free & Premium Lightroom Presets You Shouldn’t Miss

You can either create your own presets, download free presets, or buy professional presets. If you’re new to Lightroom using presets created by others can also be a great learning process, as you can see what settings and adjustments are used to create specific looks or effects.


Here you will find a collection of many of the best free and premium Lightroom presets available, both paid and free. If you’re working with a really limited budget try the free presets, but if you have a little bit of money to spend you can save time by getting larger preset collections, and you’ll also generally get a little better quality with the presets that need to be purchased. We’ll start with the premium presets and close with some quality free options.

40+ Free & Premium Lightroom Presets You Shouldn’t Miss

Master Workflow from PhotographyPla.net is an extensive collection of presets that can serve as a foundation for your photo editing. The set includes 60 one-click presets that will give you a nice variety of instant effects. The core of Master Workflow is a collection of more than 280 stackable workflow presets that can help to speed up your work while giving you much more flexibility than just the one-click presets. The set also includes a collection of adjustment brushes.


PRO TIP: Check out the Ultimate Photography Bundle to get the Master Workflow set in pack with thousands of Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions and other image image editing tools for just $99 (the bundle’s real value is $5000!). That’s a limited time offer, so don’t miss it out.

40+ Free & Premium Lightroom Presets You Shouldn’t Miss

Matte effects tend to work very well with a wide range of photos, from portraits, to nature, to still life. This collection of 30 different matte presets from Shutter Pulse will give you matte effects of different strengths and styles. It includes both color and black & white presets.

40+ Free & Premium Lightroom Presets You Shouldn’t Miss

Andrzej Dragan is well known for a distinct style with his portraits. This set of Lightroom presets from PhotographyPla.net will help you to create intense portrait effects, inspired by the “Dragan effect”. The effect isn’t a perfect fit for every portrait, but in the right situation it can create powerful images.








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