16 Best Free Photo Editing Software for Mac & Windows

If you want to retouch your photos for free, you will need to find the appropriate photo editing software for exactly what you want to achieve. There are many such software programs out there for both the Mac and Windows platforms. But many of them are not really that great in the free category.

16 Best Free Photo Editing Software for Mac & Windows

I have tried many free photo editing tools to retouch my images over the years. The number of features varies for each of these photo editing software. Let us look at the various pros and cons of these software based on my experience.


Let’s get started.

16 Best Free Photo Editing Software for Mac & Windows

I have been using the Pixlr photo editor for quite some time. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS.


Believe it or not free alternatives to Photoshop exist, and Pixlr is at the top of the list. Not only that it is made to function and appear like Photoshop, which will make Photoshop users happy.

You get layers, brushes, filters, the magic wand, transforms, effects, adjustments, texts, retouching, color replace, eraser, lasso, etc etc.

You will get all the basic retouching options along with overlays and filters in the basic version. However, the feature I really liked about this free photo editing software is the number of collage templates. You can get almost all types of collage templates in this photo editor.

This photo editor comes with a simple user interface which you will definitely enjoy. They have also provided lots of video tutorials with the editing software which is a helpful feature for those who dont like reading long manuals. I really love this feature. It is very useful for beginners.


You can get more photo editing features in the premium version of the software.

16 Best Free Photo Editing Software for Mac & Windows

GIMP is a very useful tool for advanced retouching of images. It is my first photo editing tool. GIMP is the short form for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

One thing that I love about GIMP is its number of tools and features. You will really wonder how anyone can offer such a post-processing tool for free. Whether you are creating composites, retouching photos, restoring old photos, or creating original artwork, this software can do it all.








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