Mastering Photoshop Textures to Create Powerful Imagery

Photoshop has done for photography what the road did for the wheel! That’s quite a bit in case you’re wondering…

Mastering Photoshop Textures to Create Powerful Imagery Mastering Photoshop Textures to Create Powerful Imagery

Simple to grasp,hard to master!

Nevertheless, once the fundamentals are understood, you’re going to be battling with yourself to stop applying it to every single one of your shots! I am of course talking about Textured layers!

So, What Are They?

A texture is exactly that, an additional layer that you place over your image in order to give it a certain look or feel. In fact, there are a whole number of corrections and alterations that they can be used for:


  1. To make a photograph look old
  2. To add a heightened level of atmosphere
  3. To give a wall or object more interesting details

Textures, when applied correctly can really help to hone your style, giving your photographs that much needed signature look, that every photography agent hunts for!


Great, So Where Can I Find Textures?

When in a hurry or simply for experimental purposes.. The best way to get textures is of course, to download some off the Internet using Google images.


This comes with the added risk of copyright infringement, as although at first you might not be using the images for commercial purposes, in the future you might, and if they become popular.. you could face a rather large lawsuit.


Texture Hunting!

So, without delay pick up your DSLR and go for a walk around your local town!

The beauty of textures is that they can be found everywhere and anywhere, and it makes for a rather fun shoot, I also think that texture hunting is good practice for your photography eye, as it trains you to notice things that would otherwise go undetected on your photography radar.

Mastering Photoshop Textures to Create Powerful Imagery

  • Abandoned buildings
  • Dust bins
  • Woodlands
  • Car parks
  • The side of buildings
  • The floor
  • The Wall
  • Public transport

Basically anywhere that has a surface.. The older and worn out the object is, the better, as that way you’ll find some really interesting textures!








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